Spare Parts

Spare parts suit most horse floats.

This is just a small overview of the parts we have available.

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Hardwood ply filmfaced sheets 24mm x 1220mm x 2400mm
Hardwood core
WBP glue (waterproof)
Sealed edges
Black Film
One side is wiremesh imprint

currently unavailable


Film faced plywood 18mm x 1220mm x 2400mm
Combi core
WBP Glue (waterproof)
Sealed edges
Black film
Both sides are smooth

currently unavailable

Pop Up Roof Vent
Hole size 215mm x 164mm
$45.00 inc gst


Rotary Vent 
245mm diameter
$39.00 inc gst

Feeder Bracket  and Saddle Bracket
$45.00 inc gst

Recessed Tie Up 
$30.00 inc gst

Water Jerry Can $25.00 inc gst
  Bracket $30.00 inc gst

Feeder Ring $25.00 inc gst
Feeder Bucket $35.00 in gst


 Recessed Door Handle
"Subject to availability only"
$85.00 inc gst

Inside of Recessed Door Handle 


Internal slam Lock Door Handle 
currently unavailable

L Shaped Door Handle 
$25.00 inc gst

Push Button Lock 
$22.00 inc gst

 Sliding Window available in Black or Silver

762mm x 330mm
640mm x 330mm

Currently unavailable


 Tailgate Springs
14mm short arm $82.00 inc gst
14mm long arm $165.00 inc gst
16mm long arm $175.00.00 inc gst
19mm long arm $215.00 inc gst
left and right hand

Feeder Window

currently unavailable

Trailer Lock
 Drawbar Storage box

Drawbar Storage Box
suits angle load only
Rubber seal around lid
 Open Drawbar Storage Box

Supply only $1375.00 inc gst
Currently unavailable